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Strategic Options for Industrial Policy 2014-2020

Industrial policy is at the heart of European initiatives, because of the structural aspects that are key to economic growth and European competitiveness, the revitalisation of the production base of Europe, the attraction of investment, the support and promotion of employment.

In this context, and in line with its task of reconstruction, development and expansion of the country’s production base in manufacturing and related services, the General Secretariat for Industry has developed a strategic plan for the new industrial policy for the period 2014-2020 in the following main axes in order to address the chronic problems of Greek manufacturing:

  •     Reconstruction and development of the domestic production base
  •     Creation of the right business environment
  •     Improvement of Greek industry’s competitiveness
  •     Increase of productivity.

The planning of the new industrial policy on the basis of the four strategic priorities aim, among other thing, at the greater involvement of the manufacturing sector in the GDP, the development of connections between sectors and among them ( value chains), the achievement of high growth rate and the creation of new stable jobs that will bring down unemployment.